Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I got to meet Bill and Guliana Rancic!

I don't know about you but I love Bill and Guiliana Rancic, I admire Guiliana for speaking about her infertility and breast cancer throughout their reality show.  That's what drew me into the show,,, they seem so real and down to earth which I could relate with.  She has raised breast cancer awareness and I just really admire her. Plus I think she is so completely funny and love to watch the two of them banter back and forth, they seem to have an amazing relationship! Any way I am a HUGE fan! They were in town for a local Health Expo and my husband, knowing what a HUGE fan I am saw this in our local newspaper. I made my whole family go and me and my girls waited in line to have our picture taken with them. (Bad picture of me...it was raining out all day, I looked horrible) My girls were so excited, especially my 10 year old, she had never met a celebrity before so she thought this was really cool. It's so fun now that I'm starting to be able to do these kinds of things with her now that she's a little older. But yet I still have my 4 year old so have "tea parties" with.. I have the best of both worlds.  It was finally our turn and Guiliana right away told my girls that she looked like them when she was their age and she had Bill take a picture of her and my girls with his phone which my girls were beyond excited. I also brought a little box of jewelry (bracelets and earrings) to give to her and she was so kind and gracious about it. And she was absolutely beautiful!  For me as a jewelry designer that would be a dream come true to have a celebrity wear my jewelry so just to see my bracelets on Guiliana for a few minutes made my day!

Here is the autograph picture they gave us and my 4 year old carried it around with her all day!

Here's the jewelry that I gave her!!

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