Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter decorating...

Today I promised myself I would get all of my Easter decorations out! Today was the perfect day we actually didn't have anything we HAD to do...what a nice feeling that was. Spring break has started and we decided to stay home and I am so running around, no packing lunches...we can relax, sleep in and have fun! I have always wanted to make an "Easter tree" and hollow out eggs and decorate them..what better day to do it. While drinking my morning coffee..I made a list of what I would need to make the tree and we headed out to Michaels (our favorite place!).

Things on my list for the tree:
*Glitter ( I bought Martha Stewart glitter..I love her glitter!)
*Craft glue but I'm sure you can use any kind of glue
* tie to the eggs to hang from the branches
*Metallic gold spray paint ( I wanted to spray a few eggs)
*Flower pot
*Moss ( I bought Spanish moss) it's by the flower pots
*Flower embellishments...that were by the stickers...I wanted to glue gun these to the branches to add a special touch.

After returning from Michaels my kids and I hollowed the eggs out.  If you've never done this before, I used a knitting needle I had laying around and tapped on the top and bottom of the egg and then stirred the yolk around with the needle and that's how I hollowed it out. My kids thought it was a little gross but had fun doing it and they thought it was so neat once the egg was hollowed out. I can't believe I've never done this before.  We did 8 eggs and then I took craft glue and a paint brush (the kids helped) and brushed the glue on the eggs and then sprinkled them with glitter. Then I took a glue gun and glued on the ribbon to the top of the egg so I could hang the eggs from the tree branches. I have lots of branches in my yard (that I need to pick up!) so I grabbed a few.

I spray painted the flower pot gold and also  a few hard boiled eggs gold as well.  Then I added the branches and the moss, hung the eggs and used my glue gun to glue on the flower embellishments. I added the gold eggs I spray painted on the moss and my kids found these cute little pink chicks I picked up at Michaels a while ago and they put them on the eggs...the chicks are so cute! The kids loved how it turned out and so do I!  Here are a few pictures of my Easter tree we made today along with some more decorations.  I love collecting decorations along the way from antique stores and other stores. I LOVE this fuzzy peach chick I got several years is so soft and cute...the bunny I got from Home Goods...they always have great decorations for all the Holidays! Enjoy!


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