Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Best Brownies!!

Do you love brownies?? I do..I have a sweet tooth, I must admit and so do my kids. I love to try new bakeries and shops that sell sweets. If you live in Columbus, Ohio there is an amazing shop called Sugar Daddy's that sells brownies, brownie truffles and more! The amazing part about this store is the flavors and how they cut the brownies, they cut them in circles...yum!! My favorite is the "Tahiti"...if you love coconut and cashews..try one of these, they are amazing. I also got a peanut butter one (the one with the nuts) and the peanut butter was so creamy, it was so delicious. My other favorite was one with walnuts...these brownies are truly amazing. They have an online shop so you can order them for yourself  or for a gift 

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